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Heavy duty tow straps 4inch wide with Screw Schackles

Heavy duty tow straps 4inch wide with Screw Schackles


USD7.88-USD12.88 PRICE :


Length(ft&m) :


Color :

Trade term

Trade term :


  • Model Number: WDTS041002
  • Delivery: 35Days
  • Price: Inquiry
  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Terms of Trade: FOB/CNF/CIF/EXW
  • Size/Width: 4inch/100mm
  • Break Strength: 10000KGS
  • Webbing length: 6m or Customized
  • Belt Material: 100 Nylon with 20 elongation
  • Hook: Screw Schackles
  • Color: Blue or Customized
  • LOGO: Avaliable
  • Payment: L/C,T/T,Westen Union,Paypal


WDTS041002 Heavy duty tow straps 4inch wide with Screw Schackles 

Product Specfication

B.S. 10Ton × 4Inch heavy duty recovery towing straps with 

100% high tenacity Nylon with 20% elongation

Popular color of strap: Blue or customizable

with Screw Schackles 

width: 4inch/100mm

Length available:10m or Customized

Breaking Strength: 10000kgs


WDTS041002 recovery tow strap

WDTS041002 recovery tow strap

WDTS041002 recovery tow strap

Product Description:

best tow straps for sale,wheel straps for towing

Our heavy duty tow straps are carefully crafted by advanced machines imported from Taiwan & Korean and the materials are high quality. We use best tow strap to scure trailer transport. The webbing straps are stable and won't be stuck.towing strap can be made various kinds and has better tensile force. Welldo Tools' tow dolly strap can be recycled during transportation. This retractable tow strap is designed which looks very special to catch the customers' eyes. Welldo Tools provide you best services and products with sincerity. The safety of your transportation is what we seek for!!!

How to tie a tow strap?

1. Locate the tow strap hook at the rear of the tractor and the trailer in front of the trailer. Many car trailer hook position design in the lower part of the bumper, usually in the vehicle manual marked with a clear location, the owner can also be observed before and after the bumper hidden hidden space, where the use of circular or square cover Location is the location of the car trailer hook.

2. Some tow straps hooks are split and need to be assembled when used. After removing the cover on the bumper, assemble the truck to carry the hook.

3. Install the trailer tool. Whether it is the use of soft or hard trailer tool, the installation must ensure that the connection when the car hook firmly and reliably, the design of the hook on the safety lock need to lock in place. Check the front and rear connections again before the trailer travels. The three sides do not install the towel of the soft trailer rope in the use of bundled knot, if the death knot after a great traction pull will make the trailer rope is difficult to unlock.
4. Tractor starting with a block to ensure that the big torque to provide adequate traction, while the tractor needs to control the speed, to maintain a smooth driving, when a slight resistance to increase the power output. Manual transmission models to avoid Meng Meng clutch pedal, the use of semi-linked slowly start, so as not to cause damage to the car.

Our products in the fair:

welldo tools ratchet tie down fairWelldo Tools fair2

They are available in a large variety of configurations of different ratchets of various capacities and end fittings. 

Pictures shown here are only indicative and not exhaustive.

Please contact to us and tell what you want,We can meet you needs

Client manager:Info@ratchetstrapsmanufacturer.com

1.Only use the no damaged tow straps,  label can clearly indicates capacity.
2.Avoid being overloaded.
3.Do not tie the tow straps.
4.When using, please try to keep away from the sharp edges of fabric from abrasion or cutting.
5.Avoid twisting, twisted arrangement tow straps.
6.Do not place objects on the tie down straps , so as not to cause injury.

7.Do not use tie down straps as a load lifting adjustment.


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