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WDOCB6 over center buckle for straps

WDOCB6 over center buckle for straps


USD0.28-USD1.08 PRICE :


  • Model Number: WDOCB6
  • Size/Dimensions: 53MM
  • B/S: 1360KG/3000LBS


WDOCB6 over center buckle for straps

We can provide different kinds of over center buckles for ratchet tie down, welcome to choose ratchet straps that you are interested in. You can also choose various kinds of over center buckles for ratchet tie downs by referring to

Product Description:

WDOCB6 over center buckle for straps


We supply various of over center buckles for ratchet straps with very good qualityAll the over center buckles can go 

together with our own produced webbing into different sizes of ratchet tie downs, loading heavy works. We’re a China-based 

factory in Ningbo with many years’ experience in ratchet tie downs, we’re sure it’s very safe applying those over center 

buckles to ratchet straps or to any other place. You can also decide color of the over canter buckles by yourself, we’ll always 

provide you with very best price and service. Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you have any query.

Popular colors: Zinc-plated, colorful Zinc-plated, black etc.

Our Ratchet Straps & Assembly Fair Pictures:


Good examples of hooks and ratchet straps’ application. We are confident to meet customer demands. 

WELLDO TOOLS are available in a large variety of ratchets straps / slackline / safety harness / end fittings of different 

capacities as well as all the accessories. Pictures shown here are only indicative and not exhaustive. 

Please contact with us and advise your requirement, we'll try our best to meet your needs.



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