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Why engineers invented heavy duty ratchet straps ?

Views: 3152 Update date:Nov 23,2016

Why engineers invented heavy duty ratchet straps ?AliceSales Department

Have you ever been disturbed by this problem? A customer receive a large shipment of goods from you, and immediately point out that the goods were damaged in transport. Even with wrapped pallets, loads can shift — especially if you have sharp corners or have to very rapidly change lanes.


The most basic reason of damage during transport is careless loading of a truck or trailer, which causes items to shift during transit due to the lack of proper securing. Those small shifts can cause significant alterations to a load’s center of gravity, making each successive turn or sudden jerk of the wheel more dangerous. Eventually, the load can completely destabilize and cause terrible damage to a lot of valuable products. 


All of this is possible because loads are generally put in trucks with significant space between the load and the wall of the truck, leaving plenty of room for the load to shift, destabilize, and finally collapse. Now you know why engineers invented heavy duty ratchet straps. Heavy duty ratchet straps are easy to use, they can prevent your loads from shifting from front to back, and lock them into place. When the load is that important, always use multiple heavy duty ratchet straps to ensure a safe shipment.


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